Tirana's Ex- PM Urges Kosovo's VV Leader to Forget National Union as Idea of the Past

The statement of the head of Vetëvendosje (Self-determination), Albin Kurti that he would vote in favor if a referendum were held for the Kosovo-Albania union was considered a story that should be closed and that now a priority for VV and its leader should be the leadership of Kosovo by
the Minister of State for the Diaspora, Pandeli Majko
In an interview with Euronews Albania on Friday, former Prime Minister Majko stated that such discussions create problems with international acts that guarantee Kosovo's stability and described the idea of ​​national union as an idea that has existed in the last century.
"I think that Mr. Kurti has only one priority: to lead the state of Kosovo as a statesman and prime minister. I do not believe that stories of such nature are efficient. There is no need to create connections of strange natures with ideas that existed in the last century, I mean in the '80s and' 90s for the unification of Kosovo with Albania. It is not that I emotionally feel different from Mr. Kurti, but I think that discussions of this nature would create problems with international acts that guarantee the stability of Kosovo. I am talking about acts that guarantee the NATO presence in Kosovo and the Ahtisaari package," said the former Prime Minister of Albania.
Majko called on Kurti to focus on strengthening the state of Kosovo and not to encourage the opening of such discussions as it would negatively affect new international recognitions.
"A prime minister cannot allude to a different status for the state he will lead because Kosovo is being recognized by other states. If they think that Kosovo is leading a double life this would discourage other states to recognize Kosovo. Such stories should be closed. 'Vetëvendosje' and its leader should think only of one priority and this is to leade the state of Kosovo," insisted Majko. /argumentum.al