US Ambassador Asks End to Speculation on Case of MP Tom Doshi's Case

A day after the Social Democratic Party led by MP and veteran businessman Tom Doshi registered with the Central Election Commission (CEC), there was a reaction by  the American ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, who seems apparently concerned of having been involved in this issue.
Ambassador Kim wrote on Twitter on Friday that she wanted to put an end to speculation and clarify the conversation with Edi Rama, PM and Chairman of the ruling Socialist Party in Albania.
The text of what Ambassador Kim wrote follows below:
"Let me end the speculation: PM Edi Rama and I have a clear understanding of what this designation means. In fact, the PM reminded me that he had personally expelled this person from the Socialist Party. He emphasized that this person would have no role in any government he forms. As Albania's election authorities prepare elections, it is worth recalling this designation, which was made by the US Secretary of State after careful review of information. Surely, Albania's voters deserve better than this."

Albania will hold general elections on April 25 this year and the MP, Tom Doshi has repeatedly been a target of reminder to Albanian voters by the US Embassy's highest diplomats that they deserve better than this. /