Xhacka Considers Unfortunate Delay of Opening Accession Talks of Albania and North Macedonia with EU

2021 is the year of hope for the European integration of Albania and North Macedonia, has said Minister of Foreign Affairs Olta Xhacka at a joint press conference with the Foreign Affairs Minister of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani, who paid an official visit to Albania on Friday.
Xhacka added that she is looking forward to negotiations between the two countries and the EU, and pointed out that both countries worked hard to meet the conditions. “Further delay of that process would be disappointing for the two countries, but also for the region,” said the Albanian minister.
She stressed that it would be unfortunate if there were again disappointments due to the subjective or political thinking of the member states, at a time when the objective and technical assessment and the decision made by the Council in March were positive. “Secondly, the stability, development and security of our region are inextricably linked to the European perspective,” said Xhacka.
An agreement on cooperation regarding diaspora was signed. A topic of discussion was the Prespa Forum to promote multiculturalism in the region as an important challenge for the Balkans, said FM of North Macedonia. Further on he announced that the talks touched upon the strengthening of cooperation in the field of investments.
Osmani revealed that he presented to his counterpart the tripartite agreement initiated by North Macedonia which is a frame of cooperation among his country, Albania and Bulgaria. /argumentum.al