Agenda of Visit of OSCE/ODIHR Delegation to Albania Includes Talks on April 25 Poll

The OSCE / ODIHR delegation led by Polish Ambassador Ursula Jozefa Gacek arrived in Tirana on Thursday. The delegation met with the state election commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi, whose institution is responsible for the conduct of the April 25 elections in Albania.
The OSCE / ODIHR delegation will stay in Tirana for several days and will meet with political party leaders and Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci. OSCE / ODIHR observers will monitor the work of the CEC, preparations for the implementation of the new election law, and in particular preparations for electronic voter identification.
In total, it is expected that on election day, Sunday, April 25, 250 observers will be deployed in Albania, most of whom will be on short-term missions. The ODIHR Post-Election Assessment Report is an important certificate for the smooth running of the process and compliance with international standards.
Earlier on Wednesday the Interior Ministry published the final list of voters who will be eligible to cast their ballots on April 25, 2021 in Albania.

According to the data provided by the General Directorate of Civil Status, 3,588,869 Albanian citizens have the right to vote. /