Albania Reminds Serbia's Vucic That Kosovo's Sovereignty Is Guaranteed by NATO

Albania's Minister of Diaspora Pandeli Majko has released the photo of the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vuicic, showing Kosovo and its territory covered by the Serbian flag.
Majko said on Friday that Vucic likes the incompatibility, while he should remember that he signed a statement at the White House to respect the test of peace in the region.
He noted that this is a problem and the lack of seriousness of the Serbian state, while telling Vucic that Kosovo's sovereignty is guaranteed by NATO and not by Instagram.
"The Republic of Serbia signed a statement in the oval office of the White House to respect the regional peace process. The diplomacy of photos on instagram devalues ​​the seriousness of the Serbian state in international relations," said the minister.
In addition Majko, a former PM, said the sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo is guaranteed by NATO and not by instagram.
"This is reason enough for the Serbian president to offer his citizens a future they can afford. The role of Gavrilo Princip in the time of European integration is not well understood. Serbia should not capitulate in the face of its impossibilities! Not even on instagram!" concluded Majko. /