Albanian Journalist in Russia: There Will Be No Rejection of 'Sputnik V' for Albania

Regardless of the rejection that Albania has previously made of the Russian vaccine, now that a normative act by the government has been issued the way is open for the use of 'Sputnik V' in this country and there will be no refusal to send it there, the Albanian journalist in Russia, Diana Dyrzi told Euronews Albania on Wednesday
"Russia is open to vaccination and joint production of vaccines. I think it will be ready to make deliveries to Albania as well," said the journalist.
She said that vaccination with 'Sputnik' V continues at a high rate in Russia, while dozens of countries have applied to receive or signed agreements to produce the Russian vaccine, including Italy, France and Germany.
"If approved by the EMA, it will become the first non-Western vaccine used in EU countries. Hungary approved it in February and has started mass vaccination. ‘Sputnik 5’ will be produced in Italy, while official delegations have also been sent to Germany," Ms.Dyrzi said. According to her,

51 countries have already registered this vaccine, but its use has started in 12 of them. /