Albanian PM Whips EU Commissioner for 'Video Chat' with Opposition DP Head

'Video chat' has called PM Edi Rama a conversation that the Head of the Democratic Party (DP) Lulzim Basha had with the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriela on Tuesday.
Rama wrote on Twitter that this is called interference in a country's internal election campaign and therefore requires an official response from Brussels.
"Someone in Brussels should tell the commissioners who spend their working time paid by the taxes of the peoples of Europe to make electoral video chats with Lulëzim Basha, that this is called interference in the internal electoral campaign of an EU candidate country!" said Rama who after talks with French President Macron in Paris on Monday said Albania had fulfilled all the conditions for the opening of the pending accession talks with the EU.
There has been no reaction by French side on what sounded a critical stance of Albanian PM regarding the launch of Tirana's accession negotiations with Brussels.
Rama said as far as he was aware the European Commission is not in the habit of sticking its nose in election campaigns.

"I expect to learn it officially and publicly from Brussels, if I am wrong and maybe the commissioners really have the right to become a party when the people of Europe elect their governments!" Rama said angrily.  /