Anti Covid Vaccination of Teachers Launched in Tirana with Guarantees of Astra Zeneca's Safety

Amidst guarantees of the safety of the anti Covid Astra Zeneca vaccines it has started the inoculation process of teachers and pedagogues in 6 schools in Tirana which will then be extended to all schools in Albania.
To follow the start of the vaccination process on Saturday, Prime Minister Edi Rama accompanied by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastrirliu, was at the high school school "4 Dëshmorët" where vaccination started with the first 250 teachers.
"We started today with the first 6 schools in Tirana which was coordinated with the education directorate. The process has already started, the preliminary registration of over 250 teachers has been done," said Manastrirliu who announced that the distribution of vaccines in health care units across the country starts on Monday and the vaccination of all teachers begins on Tuesday.
"This is a very safe vaccine," said Dr. Silva Bino, who is assisting with the teacher vaccination process. According to PM Rama, everything that is said on the vaccine is a false alarm based on no fact. "There is no evidence that these cases are related to the vaccine and the suspension of a series was made only to have a 100% guarantee. Our series have come from Sweden and in fact, millions of Astra Zeneca vaccines have been made in UK and they had no problem."
Vaccination of teachers and professors throughout Albania will be another further guarantee to get rid of the virus and return to normalcy, said a government press release.
"The Astra Zeneca vaccine gives us the opportunity to vaccinate everyone because 38,000 doses will all be used, because it is 8 to 12 weeks of revaccination," said Minister Manastirliu.
Prime Minister Rama said that “we are close to the big news now after a few days and I believe that we will bring another significant amount and then the challenge of all is to vaccinate as much as possible to break the chain of infection before the season of summer, that is, to start intensively with the elderly, to continue intensively with all the rest, the police, the army, all those who interact. Let's hit the whole part of the chain that has more contacts and finally get the pensioners out of isolation."