As Kosovo Medical Staff Get Vaccines in Kukes PM Rama Whips 'Map' of Belgrade's Vucic

Albanian PM Edi Rama has been harsh on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic calling a photo of the map of Kosovo covered with the flag of Serbia posted by him on official Instagram account a "woolly map".
Rama made that comment on Saturday when more than 250 doctors and nurses from Kosovo performed the vaccination process with the AstraZeneca vaccine in the northeastern town of Kukes.
"I am glad that this moment of starting the vaccination for the 'white shirts' of Kosovo coincided by chance, or as Hegel says, coincidence is the sword with which necessity paves the way with the publication yesterday (Friday) of a 'wooly' map (pejorative meaning in Albanian) by the President of Serbia. It is both to cry and laugh at how he occasionally returns to provocations of this nature that actually show a big stalemate. A stalemate that is the stalemate of Serbia and not ours," Rama said while introducing the Socialist party candidates for the future parliament to be elected on April 25.
"The future of Albanians is in our hands. I am very confident that beyond the troubles we make with our own hands, sometimes preventing ourselves, this decade will be the decade of Albanians without question," Rama declared.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic posted on official Instagram account a photo of the map of Kosovo covered with the flag of Serbia on Friday which has triggered many reactions by Albanian politicians and EU officials.
"As we have said many times over the years, Serbia and Kosovo should refrain from acts and statements that are counterproductive to the normalisation of their relations and the work on achieving a comprehensive agreement," Brussels' officials said on Friday.
It's expected that 500 medical staff of Kosovo get the first dose of the jab this weekend.