Cautious Optimism of Committee of Experts over Pandemic Situation in Albania

The situation of the pandemic remains stable in Albania characterized by slight decrease in incidence of infection, reduction of hospitalizations and lost lives, but the figures again are not where they should be to ease the restrictions.
This was the general assessment made by the Committee of Experts unveiled on Wednesday by its head Mira Rakacolli. Based on analysis of figures and situation,  the proposed measures to be reviewed should be assessed at another time.
Based on SARS-COV 2 figures in 15-20 year olds, high school graduates will start teaching in the classroom, Rakacolli, a deputy health minister, said.
"Other measures will remain the same, such as curfew from 20:00 to 06:00. Bars and restaurants will be open until 20:00 and at the same time teaching will continue online for all other parts of the system.
The overview made by Ms. Rakacolli showed: The two-week incidence has decreased. The total number of positive cases has decreased. The number of municipalities affected by Covid has increased, especially in small municipalities. The number of hospitalized Covid patients, of those on ventilation and of fatalities has declined.
For her part the Director of the Institute of Public Health, Albana Fico stated that the number of deaths due to Covid in the country has decreased.
Fico stressed that the situation remains under control, but it is delicate. She added that the mass vaccination of citizens against Covid is expected to reduce the cases of coronavirus infections, but also the fatalities.

"The good news is that mass vaccination of the population of older age groups has begun. We expect that the massive vaccination will reduce cases of infections and deaths," she said. /