Chinese Embassy Pays Tribute to Albanian Ex-Premier Bashkim Fino

The Chinese Embassy in Tirana has expressed its deep pain upon the passing away of Mr. Bashkim Fino, former PM and Head of Albanian- Chinese Friendship Group of Albanian Parliament.
This was said in a statement posted by the Chinese Embassy in FB on Monday.
The parliament chairmanship announced Fino's death on Monday morning informing homage to honor the memory of the late Premier, MP and politician at the Palace of Congresses and funeral at 16:00.
Mr. Fino had been affected by COVID-19 for several days and his condition had worsened leading to the loss of life.
The Chinese Embassy conveyed the heartfelt condolences to his family and relatives.

"As Chairman of Albanian- Chinese Friendship Group of Albanian Parliament he has made efforts to promote the Albanian-Chinese friendship and cooperation in different fields. His contributions will be always remembered. Rest in peace!" concluded the tribute of the Chinese Embassy to him. /