DP and SMI Launch Accord under Slogan: “Albania, the House that Wins!”

Under the slogan "Albania, the House that Wins" the Democratic Party (DP) and the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) have sealed an agreement in the framework of their cooperation in the April 25 parliamentary elections which is being called as the 'agreement of the largest coalition' in the 30-year history of Albania.
The accord which was signed on Monday by the heads of DP and SMI Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi, respectively is composed of 13 articles and its major focus is to get Albania out of the crisis.
"Facing and solving the critical problems of the country will be the basic objective of the electoral programs in the elections of April 25 and the pillars of the joint governing program after the victory of the elections," pointed out the agreement, a copy of which in Albanian is in the hands of argumentum.al.
It is clarified that the United Opposition, PD and LSI will compete in elections with two lists (PD-AN + LSI) to achieve a full and comprehensive political-electoral representation and crown the victory of the opposition in the elections of April 25, 2021.
Referring to the post-electoral commitments of the two parties to the basic program pillars of the two respective parties in the next government it is noted that representation at all levels of the future government will be realized proportionally on the basis of the election result.
Among the commitments of the united opposition after the elections as stipulated by the agreement are the recovery of the country from the very severe economic crisis caused by the clientelist and links of the government with the oligarchy and crime, the return of the economy to employment and welfare of citizens, end of the great plundering of the country which has  ever happened in the history of Albania through concessions, oligarchs, corruption with public money, which have conquered every level of the government.
Another commitment is the fulfillment of all conditions for the opening of negotiations for membership in the European Union and the end of any obstacles created by the current government to this vital process for all Albanians.
On the other hand, the aim is to restore the rule of law and to free the state from capture by ending abuses and corruption.
It is to be noted that the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic and the fight against it is listed as the tenth article of the deal out of the total of 13 articles which it contains. It merely said a health-social plan will be implemented, which responds to the deep health crisis in the country. Regarding vaccination, it is said that it will be a wide process for the entire population without any discriminatory treatment.
A quick look at the accord shows that it fails to provide any details how the task of defeating the epidemic will be carried out making no mention of the deals concluded so far by the government of Edi Rama or if the opposition authorities have established any links for quick supplies with vaccines. Opposition has continuously blasted the government of Rama for scarce efforts to secure vaccine supplies.
SMI head Kryemadhi stressed after the signing of this agreement will be the change of power for a better future. She called Monday a historic day. "I will call today a historic day for SMI and DP. But it would be more important for all Albanians as the unification and consolidation of a coalition in the face of a criminal sect is indispensable for Albanians," she said.

For his part the DP head Basha said it is time to get united and the road to change Albania started on Monday. "Our joint journey to change Albania begins today with our coalition," he said, bringing to attention the working plans unveiled by him during the last days. "These are work plans that will change the lives of each of you. The time has come for us to unite. Let's go from house to house, street to street and guarantee the victory of April 25, the victory of the elections," said Basha. //argumentum.al