DP Files Lawsuit Against Minister Belinda Balluku for Involvement in €30m Corrupt Affair

The Democratic Party (DP) has filed a lawsuit to SPAK against the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku for at least 6 criminal offenses related to the concession of the quay of the Port of Durres.
The quay was given on concession for 5 years to a company re-registered in the tax haven in flagrant violation of the requirements for the tender, while according to the DP headquarters it mounts to the figure of 30 million euros.
The lawsuit of the Democratic Party, submitted to the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, also includes the director of the Port of Durrës, Pirro Vengu, members of the bid evaluation commission, as well as the concession company, "Hili Company Limited". According to the DP announcement released on Friday, the company that operates in Malta has shareholders hidden in tax havens and is known internationally for suspicious money laundering operations from the "Panama Papers" scandal.
DP asks SPAK to contact the serious German company HHLA International Gmbh during the investigation. "Contacting the representatives of this company to show the main reasons that led to its withdrawal from this public procurement will expose the whole corrupt scheme and confirm the competition with predetermined winners HILI COMPANY LIMITED," the lawsuit states.
DP considers that this is an ideal case for SPAK to be tried in front of the citizens to show by deeds the functioning of the law for anyone who has violated it, regardless of whether he is rich or in power

The DP denounced this affair from the beginning, asking Edi Rama and Belinda Balluku to show why they chose a company of tax havens, suspected of money laundering and who are the real owners hiding behind the Maltese company, but so far there has been no reaction by them, it is said in the announcement of the DP. /argumentum.al