DP's Basha in Picnic with Elbasan Youth Tells Them Change Is Coming to Albania

The change comes with the vote and energy of the youth, said the Chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha to some young people of Elbasan in a picnic on Sunday. During the conversation, Basha pledged them his personal guarantee that the situation will change in Albania.
"I had a conference with the Alliance of European Universities and the European Commissioner for Digitalization a few days ago. What made it memorable was the reaction of the Prime Minister, who said it was interference in the campaign. It is not interference in the campaign, but expressions of conviction and trust that the DP have. Together we will give opportunities to the Albanian youth," he said.
Basha shared the news that Europe has allocated large sums of money to Balkan universities and considered as sin that Albania has not received any funds. "I have studied abroad. Today with technology that has advanced, with the way you know the mechanisms to bring in trainers, or to take you to exange programs, I assure you that you will be ready for the European labor market. You will have the opportunity to train, but also to be employed in an economy that will get normal."

After speaking of his lack of experience to cook Basha promised the youth that change is coming. "No one will deserve more than the Albanian youth this change that is coming," said Basha./argumentum.al