DP's Basha Tells Albanians Rama's 8-year Governance an 'Accident'!

The leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has said that Albanian citizens understand that what has happened to them over these 8 years has been an accident, and that the change begins with the departure of Edi Rama on April 25 general poll.
Basha made that comment in an interview for "News24" from the city of Berat, southern Albania, where he held meetings with various citizens in the frame of the electoral campaign on Sunday.
Asked about the post electoral agreement with the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) and the fact that the two parties have different programs and are campaigning separately, Basha said that there was nothing that separated them, neither them nor the Albanians. "We are united by the desire for change, a desire that anyone can witness everywhere."
Further on DP's Basha said the change begins with the departure of Edi Rama on April 25 and the return of state institutions and supportive policies to the people when DP - led opposition will be at the helm of the new government.
Speaking of the pandemic DP head said there are thousands of Albanian families affected with COVID and after the insistence of the strong opposition there were promises for a refund of patients but nothing has been given.
"These are the real problems of Albanians today and the only responsible for this situation is Edi Rama with his policy of greed, lies, hypocrisy and empty promises and it is quite clear that he is afraid of what is coming because it is truly the greatest union of Albanians beyond the political divisions to put Albania once again on the path of development, the path of progress and the path of European integration," Basha said. /argumentum.al