Ex-Close FM of Premier Rama Whips Latter's Pristina Spokespersons Who Support Land Swap between Kosovo and Serbia

Former Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati has reacted to the photo of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who has recently placed Kosovo under the Serbian flag.
Bushati stated that there should be no surprise for the Serbian flag on the map of Kosovo, as the Albanian media space still houses the spokespersons who proudly demonstrated the innovations of the project of territorial division.
The former minister, who has been ousted from the ranks of PM Edi Rama's entourage being fired, seems that he seeks to sting those who were in favor of the project of partition of Kosovo with this message.
"Do not be surprised by the Serbian flag placed by the President of Serbia on the map of Kosovo, as long as our media space houses the spokespersons who proudly demonstrated the 'innovations' of the Kosovo partition project!" said Bushati in his FB note released on Friday.
The scheme of land swap between Kosovo and Serbia was promoted by Rama and Vucic having by their side former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci. It was strongly opposed by Germany among many other EU countries.