FM Dendias: Commitment to International Law the basis of Greek foreign policy

Greece's foreign policy is based on its unwavering commitment to the implementation of International Law and the United Nations Charter, and also to multilateral collaborations, said Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias at the online event "Greece 2021: Reflecting on yesterday, Shaping tomorrow", held by the London School of Economics on Saturday.

The minister underlined that Greece is promoting peace and the resolving of regional issues always on the basis of the principles of International Law.

He made a special mention on achieving agreements on the delimitation of an Exclusive Economic Zone with both Italy and Egypt, and also proceeding to resolving the same issue with Albania in the International Court at The Hague, by joint decision between the two countries.

Greece hopes to resolve the issue of the delimitation of an Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean with Turkey too, he added, always on the basis of International Law. "In this context, Greece welcomed the restarting of exploratory talks with Turkey, and we sincerely hope that these talks can continue in a positive framework, without provocative actions and statements that could undermine them", he noted./ANA-MNA