Germany, France, and Italy Suspend AstraZeneca Vaccine, Teachers Are Pressured to Get the Jab in Albania

The EU's three largest countries have suspended the Oxford/AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine, hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) said it had seen no evidence the shot had caused blood clots in some people who received it.
WHO experts are meeting on Tuesday to discuss the crisis, while the the European Medicines Agency is expected to come out with an updated opinion following its emergency talks on Thursday.
All in all the number of countries that have discontinued the vaccination with Oxford/AstraZeneca's Covid jab has mounted to 10 including Denmark, The Netherlands, Ireland etc.
The concern is also increasing among teachers in Albania where the 38,400 doses have been spread across the country.
Many of them are rejecting the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has caused severe side effects in many European countries like deadly thrombosis.
In Shkodra, the largest town in northern Albania, a form was distributed to teachers asking them to show why they do not want the vaccine.
Gazment Koduzi from the Department of Health in the DP called this a scandal on Tuesday.
"The approach through indirect threat of teachers in Shkodra in these moments of uncertainty, is not the right on. The right approach is to suspend the Astra Zeneca vaccine until the benefit / harm ratio is clarified by the prestigious institutions, as well as to calm down the Albanian citizens. Stop the pressure on teachers in Shkodra or anywhere," he said.
There are also reports of refusals in the southern town of Vlora. /