Kurti and Dignitaries from Albanian Lands Honour Skanderbeg's League of Lezha, Tirana Ignores Historic Event

The obvious absence of any governement and state officials and even representatives of the civil society of Albania has not prevented the marking of the anniversary of the League of Lezha by Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti, representatives of Skopje (North Macedonia), Presevo Valley (Serbia) and Tuz (Montenegro).
VV leader Kurti, projected to be the new PM of Kosovo after the last snap elections, was accompanied by Ilaz Shehu, a Vetevendosje candidate for MP in Albania, Ziadin Sela, chairman of the Alliance for Albanians in North Macedonia, Shaip Kamberi, Albanian MP in the Assembly of Serbia, and Mayor of Tuz, Nik Gjeloshaj in a ceremony held in Lezha on Tuesday.
The celebrated the March 2nd of 1444 when the Albanian National Hero Skanderbeg gathered Albanian noblemen and forged an alliance against Ottoman Empire.
According to reports available by argumentum.al  Albania ignored that anniversary. No reason has been made public as yet.
Asked by the media about the issue of national unification Kurti was quoted as saying: "Undoubtedly, Albania and Kosovo as states as institutions must be coordinated towards approximation, integration and union, above all in the key areas such as security, energy and natural resources, and foreign policy."
In addition he said that the Constitution of Kosovo contains a contradiction: while Article 1.1 says that Kosovo is an independent state, Article 1.3 prohibits us from joining another state.
"So, the independence of Kosovo does not constitutionally allow the unification with another independent state, but at the same time it is an obstacle to integration, such as the European one. In Kosovo we do not have a law on referendum, and we do not change the Constitution, but no doubt this is the historical intention and desire of the Albanians,” said Kurti. /argumentum.al