Last Touches on Parties' Electoral Lists as Deadline of Submission Ends Monday

MidnightAs Monday marks the deadline for submitting the lists of candidates for MPs who will run in the elections of April 25, it is learned that the party "Movement for Change" handed over this morning the names at the Central Election Commission (CEC) which announced the news.
The party founded by the former Speaker of Parliament Jozefina Topalli has the first time to run in these elections. Topalli runs in 4 regions, Durrës Tirana, Shkodra and Lezha.
Political parties have to submit lists of candidates until Monday midnight. On Sunday US Ambassador Yuri Kim recalled the US message for clean lists and stressed that her country has been clear and it will be seen on Monday whether the party leaders have understood this message or not. Analysts have put the question what the Ambassador will do as there are already some names of potential candidates involved in pending legal cases.
In the meantime the last touches are being made on the lists of other parties with DP being very active vis a vis partners in opposition coalition. "BalkanWeb" reported on Monday that the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha is expected to run in Tirana, while it is not known whether he will use the opportunity to be in other constituencies, such as the chairman of the SP, Edi Rama, or the chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi.
As far as the SMI is concerned, there are no surprises expected in the lists, as the names have been published before, and they are district leaders or former deputies of this political force.
As for the DP, so far it has been announced that the political leaders of the regions are expected to be on 'safe' lists, such as Gazment Bardhi in Elbasan, Alfred Paloka in Durres, Tritan Shehu in Gjirokastra, Xhelal Mziu in Dibra, etc.
Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha is expected to run for a seat in the Tirana Region, as well as three of Basha's allies, Dashamir Shehi, Fatmir Mediu and Shpetim Idrizi.
It will be learnt about Vangjel Dule on Monday and the biggest possibility is for him to run in Korça, but the possibility of his candidacy in Vlora is not excluded.
Also, Nard Ndoka will be in Shkodra, but it is not yet known where he will be ranked, that is if he will be on the winning list, or he will have to win his own mandate. /