PM Claims There Are Job Places but Albanians Don't Want to Work

Prime Minister Edi Rama has made a presentation of the online services that the Albanian government has provided in the last 7 years.
During his speech on Friday, Rama also spoke about the online application to possess a tourist visa or employment in Albania.
According to Rama, thanks to the online visa, there are jobs that foreigners are taking. Further, he stated that many say they want work while staying in the cafe.
"Today we have electronic visas for foreigners who want to come to visit Albania. Electronic visas for those who want to hire foreign workers. The arrival of foreign workers has begu, in a country where many of those who say we want jobs by staying in cafes. Jobs being taken by foreigners," he said.
"It is not something that happens only in Albania, it happens everywhere, but has it started to happen in the country as well and it will be more and more intensive in services," said Rama.

This is the response of the government head ahead of April 25 elections to the unemployed whose number as INSTAT says has kept rising, particularly under the pandemic circumstances. So if taken at face value, there is no promise by Rama to ease unemployment. /