PM Rama Considers Violent Scene at FRD Offices in Tirana as President's 'Expression of Despair'

Keeping silent for 24 hours unusual in his tit-for-tat polemics behavior with political adversaries Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on Saturday the clash that took place the day before between President Ilir Meta and the Municipal Police forces in the offices of the New Democratic Spirit (FRD) party in Tirana.
Rama told reporters that everything was a clinically serious show. "Unfortunately, we do not have the rabies vaccine and we will have to coexist in this period with a rage of this nature that is expression of despair," Rama said. According to him, what matters is to defeat the pandemic which he called the 'invisible enemy' then to defeat the visible opponents that seemed easier to him.
"Let me not make any comment, because we are in the conditions of a show that is clinically serious and that requires human solidarity with anyone and the more so with someone who is the president of the Republic who has obviously serious disorders," he said.
Tensions in the offices of the New Democratic Spirit party happened on Friday after the Municipal Police and the State Police started to execute an order of the Municipality of Tirana for the evacuation of the offices of this opposition party.
Immediately after the tensions started, the president of FRD, Sali Shehu made public a letter without stamp and signature, according to which the Municipality requested the evacuation of the premises claiming it was part of "the municipality's process for arranging offices for staff and administrative units".
This way of informing and arguing by the Municipality was considered unacceptable and FRD members opposed it.
The clashes also involved President Meta. The latter considered the order to vacate the FRD offices and clash with the police as a "coup d'etat", while the FRD chairman, Shehu said that he had filed a lawsuit for abuse of office and violence against them by Municipal Police. /