PM Rama Eyes Tom Doshi as 'Angel' in Front of His Political Adversaries

Tom Doshi, a former MP of Socialist Party, is an angel before Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, has said PM Edi Rama in a comment on the statement of Ambassador Yuri Kim who hinted
why the Socialist Party keeps silent about Doshi's candidacy in the April 25 elections leaving people to understand that they are allies.
The ambassador cannot even place them in the list of significant corruption, because according to the prime minister on Thursday, one is the President and the other person is his wife.
"The answer was given by Endri Fuga yesterday (Tuesday) to "Voice of America". I have the same answer. First, the ambassador herself has previously communicated to the public what I have told her. Secondly, we have no difference here with the ambassador. Thirdly, I meanwhile have a broader target than just the individual we are talking about, because we have to deal with Sali, before whom Tom Doshi is an angel, with Ilir before whom Tom Doshi is an angel, with Monika, in front of whom Tom Doshi is an angel," he said.
Regarding Tom Doshi, the SP head said he didnt have any difference from the US ambassador and stance. "If Tom Doshi has been designated by the US for significant corruption, I have no reason to question their designation. Therefore, we are neither allies nor allies."
Rama excluded himself from any connection with any kind of corruption.