PM Rama Labels DP's Basha 'Tool' of Berisha and Meta as SMI Head Expected to Speak Out on 'Money Factory'

In a harsh attack on the post- electoral agreement signed by the heads of Democratic Party (DP) and Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi on Monday, Prime Minister Edi Rama has said they want to link Basha with Kryemadhi's chain on behalf of former Democrat leader Sali Berisha and President Ilir Meta.
Sparing no ridicules against his adversaries
during the weekly conference on economy on Tuesday Rama, who was in Brussels on Monday meeting the highest EU officials, accused them of aiming at taking power to dismantle the justice reform.
"The plan is very clear why was the agreement signed yesterday (Monday)? How can two parties competing separately sign a pre-election agreement? Why, for what? It's very easy. It is part of the plan to link Luli with Monica's chain on behalf of Sali and Ilir and then of course either take power and dismantle justice reform or take Luli's head. It cannot be more simply than that," said Rama.
Describing Basha as a 'tool' in hands of Berisha and Meta the PM said he has no legs and does not have the character of a leader.
"It is clear, but we can not ask him because he is not the leader, he is simply the manager of a joint stock company with two partners, Ilir Meta, Sali Berisha and a notary and bailiff, Monika," said Rama in one of the most humiliating public shows before the media against Basha.
In addition he labelled SMI as a money factory which has managed to overturn the national electoral result in certain cases.
Rama concluded by saying: "The Albanian people will give us the credibility on April 25."
In a tit-for-tat reaction the chairwoman of the SMI, Kryemadhi, called on Rama for patience as she had news to break out for the entire public opinion. In a post on FB on Tuesday SMI head said she was going to give explanations on the 'money factory'.
"Patience, Edi! Tomorrow I will explain 'at length' the money factory. Patience until tomorrow…!" Kryemadhi warned.