PM Warns against Massive Electoral Activities of DP in Pandemic Circumstances in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned of stricter measures against the pandemic, stressing that the government had not preferred to punish the economy, but on the other hand that should not mean people are permitted beyond the needs of work and daily life in situations that do the opposite  of the anti- Covid vaccines.
Rama made that comment in Fier, southern Albania, on Wednesday in the context of the electoral activities of DP head Lulzim Basha accusing him of gathering people over the allowed limits in the conditions of the pandemic.
"In parallel with vaccination, the restrictions must be respected and everyone must abide by those measures that are simple but should not be violated," he said.

Rama noted that if there is a need to expand more than a limited number of people that can be gathered together in election events, that thing would be decided by medical authorities. He said it was not a problem for the majority to keep the limit of a 10-person participation in electoral activities until April 25 but if it is required relevant authorities should have their say. /