PM's Promise of Anti-Covid Massive Vaccination Under Splitting Political Atmosphere in Experts' Committee in Albania

Editor's note

"In March-April-May-June we will have a massive vaccination, which will cut through the link of the chain of coronavirus infections."
The above is the news broken out publicly by PM Edi Rama in a speech at an activity on health care in Tirana on Thursday.
"Massive vaccination will enable us to partially, but significantly, get rid of the great burden of anxiety, insecurity, worry for our closest, dearest people, for the elderly, those with chronic diseases. This is a crossroads," Rama said.
But that was all words without unveiling any detail of the one- million question: which is the amount of vaccines to carry out this massive vaccination, when and where they will come from when Rama himself left Brussels disappointed by EU's failure to give him any supply of vaccines.
The so far supplies are very scarce in Albania and the expectations are discouraging at least what is officially reported.
But one thing was strongly made clear by Rama's speech: the opposition cannot be trusted precisely in this difficult time of confrontation with the invisible enemy!!!
But as a coincidence, the well-known doctor, Tritan Kalo announced on Thursday that he will leave the Technical Committee of Experts.
"March the 4th marks the end of my official collaboration with this group named: "Standing Committee on Infection Spread of Coronavirus," Kalo wrote in a Facebook post.
Further, Dr. Kalo added that when cooperation is needed, the Committee is divided into three trenches. Once again politics managed to divide doctors.
"We have the simultaneous existence of three Official Committees: 1- that of the current Government, 2- that of the Presidency / SMI and 3- that of the Democratic Party, or the Opposition in a broader term… At a time when interaction beyond party affiliations is needed, we DOCTORS are placed in three trenches… SHAME and beyond SHAME… I have never imagined that CAREER and HATRED would reach such a point, that even in the face of a national existentialist challenge we would be divided into "Three camps". People who know everything and analysts have popped up everywhere, inside and outside the geographical BOUNDARIES of the Arber Lands…" noted Dr. Kalo, disappointed by what is happening when people are under threat of the deadly virus.
Meanwhile, it is learned that the head of the infectious disease ward in Tirana's major Anti- Covid Hospital Najada Çomo has accepted an invitation by Prime Minister Edi Rama to become part of the list of candidates of the Socialist Party in the April 25 elections.
"It is learned that it was Prime Minister Rama himself who communicated this proposal to Dr. Najada Çomo over the phone," media outlets reported mssively adding that the chief doctor in the fight against the pandemic accepted happily the offer.
But the quint essence of the frightening politicization of the pandemic is illustrated by what the Head of National Emergency, Skënder Brataj, said in a comment in the "Opinion" column on News24 on the resignation of the infection doctor, Tritan Kalo, from the Technical Committee of Experts, as well as the departure of Najada Çomo to engage with the Socialist Party in the April 25 elections.
Regarding Kalo's departure, Brataj said that this is a personal decision of the doctor, but added that he felt sorry, although according to him, Albania does not have only him or Kalo, but also full of other professionals.
To close on March 3 Albania reported 21 new cases of fatalities mounting to 1,856 since the outbreak of the pandemic while there are 35,742 active cases. /