President Announces He Would Resign If PM Rama Wins 71 Parliamentary Seats on April 25

President Ilir Meta has announced that he would resign from his post, if Prime Minister Edi Rama receives 71 mandates on April 25 without affecting the votes.
Meta made that statement in an interview on a local TV on Monday during which he said if Rama wins he resigns and joins the opposition on April 26.
"The people of Albania are the God in this land! If Edi Rama gets 71 mandates, I will resign on April 26. That is what I will do, as Ramiz Alia did. If he gets 71 seats without affecting the people's vote, I will resign and join the opposition because I respect democracy," said Meta.
In the meantime he made a strong warning against the stealing of the vote. "If a free vote of Albanians is affected, the story ends here. I believe in free voting and democracy," Meta said.
Further on he said that the hand of anyone who steals a vote will have it cut at Skanderbeg Square on April 26. "This is a promise of the president of this country. If there is a bandit who tries to buy votes like in Shijak and Dibër (in previous elections), I will cut off his hand, I, the president of Albania," said President Meta. /