President Doesn’t Accept Advice by PM Rama Known of His Treatment of Women

“Everyone should keep their hands away from the votes, contribute to a civil and European electoral campaign, everyone should present their alternatives," has said President Ilir Meta in a press conference during which he touched upon different issues among which the incident of PM Edi Rama with a lady journalist.
Meta said on Wednesday that public opinion will be acquainted with the content of a plan for the protection of free vote, demanding that everyone keep their hands off the votes.
"What this plan contains will be known in the coming days. Every honest and patriotic Albanian, regardless of party beliefs, agrees 100 percent with the President of the Republic that no one should put the hand on electors’ votes anymore because that is why we are in such a difficult situation, that we lead worldwide for the depopulation of the country," he said. Meta noted that the protection of the vote is an insurmountable condition for the EU to open negotiations.
Further on he said justice reform could not be more captured than it is now, referring again to the incident at the New Spirit Democratic party (FRD) headquarters when Municipality Police of Tirana tried to take out by force the head of that party in presence of the President last Saturday.
"Using violence in the eyes of the president shows that we are dealing with a gang that seeks to subjugate every institution," Meta said.
"Concern for the president's tones should not excite anyone because it is a propaganda to hide the total capture of the state. If the state worked, those who promoted violence against the party like FRD, today would have been prosecuted for abuse of office," he said. Meta warned that the presidency is an impassable fortress of democracy.
Speaking on the justice reform he took as an example the investigation of the files of Shijak and Dibra related to the votes stealing in 2017 elections. In his comment he said that instead of ‘sharks’ some ‘small fish’ were held responsible. "How can it be more captured than justice reform is captured? How could it be more than that. Just the case we mentioned above is sufficient. There is a criminal prosecution for them."
Responding to the statements of Prime Minister Rama, who called for women and girls to be protected from the brutality of (Ilir) Meta and (Sali) Berisha, the President said that no lady journalist has complained against him and everyone knows how patient and respectful he is. He also added that it is known how Rama has the relations with women. The past record of Rama’s relationship with his previous wives is full of stories of violence of him against them which have been made public many times long time ago.

"I do not accept recommendations from a person who is known of his treatment of women!" said President Meta. /