President Pledges 'Spectacular Punishment' for Anyone Trying to Steal Albanians' Votes in April 25 Elections

Whoever touches the vote is the enemy of Albanians and will receive a spectacular punishment, President Ilir Meta warned at a press conference held in Durr√ęs on Saturday which focused on the April 25 general elections.
"Whoever attempts to touch the free vote will have a spectacular punishment as he deserves it because he is Albanians' enemy. The stealing of the vote has kept us back remaining hostage to the opening of the (EU accession) negotiations," he said.
According to Meta, the government will be afraid of the people after April 25, and the president is open and determined to cooperate with all competing entities and  responsible institutions to avoid any negative phenomenon.
President expressed himself confident that Albanians together will be able to open a new page that will come for 100 years in Albania after April 25.
"Two things cannot be affected: free and equal voting and the Constitution. We want to save the future of democracy in Albania and its future towards the EU through this initiative," he said.

The President announced that an address has been opened on the website of the presidency, where citizens can denounce election crimes. He called on citizens to condemn any violation of the right to vote, any member of the Armed Forces or the State Police who abuses office or supports a certain political force. /