President Proclaims Himself Unparalleled Fighter against Politicians Using Narcotics

"I do not use cocaine and I will be an unparalleled fighter against any politician who uses narcotics," said President Ilir Meta speaking about the April 25 elections as he demanded mass participation from the people.
Meta responded regarding Rama's statements about cocaine use made on Wednesday.
According to Meta, the President has always been on the side of the Constitution and the citizens, and he himself has only one vote that every citizen should be equal to.
For the President, only a massive turnout in these elections improves democratic credentials. The President also mentioned controversial files 184 and 339, saying that they and the characters involved in them are holding hostage the country's integration.

"When I talk about the referendum on April 25, the future of Albania is in question. The Stabilization and Association Agreement was signed in 2006. Serbia and Montenegro signed it 2 years later. We are 7 years behind Serbia, 9 years after Montenegro. It is an extraordinary waste of time and energy. We did not have any problems, but why? Due to lack of political will," said President. /