President Warns that a Gang Is Trying to Violate Political Pluralism in Albania

President Ilir Meta has accused the Municipality of Tirana for provoking the serious incident a few days ago in the offices of the New Democratic Spirit (FRD) party aiming at violating the free elections and preventing the head of state from exerting his constitutional duties.
"Do you want more facts about the gang that seeks to violate political pluralism and free elections and that also prevents the President of the Republic from exercising his constitutional duties?" said Meta in Monday's press conference.
Meta brought facts to prove that the situation was deliberately staged by the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj against an opposition political force immediately after it had joined the opposition coalition.
"The violent attack on FRD is another indicator of the irresponsible and provocative behavior of the majority and its systematic efforts to undermine pluralism in the country. All actions of the mayor against FRD are carried out in violation of the Constitution and without any official written act," he said.
The President noted that the entire activity of the mayor is in open violation of all the principles exerted by the administration violating human rights and undermining equality before the elections.
Albania will hold general elections on April 25 this year amidst a rising political tension and aggravated situation due to the pandemic.