Rama Asks Socialist Aspirant MPs to Kiss People's Hands Apologizing for What SP Couldn't Do

"Do not talk as if you have given people everything they expect, that you have made their lives a flower, but speak with the awareness that what has been done is not enough and to do everything it takes patience and time to give us the opportunity to achieve the goals we have ," said Prime Minister Edi Rama in an activity on Wednesday with the candidates for Socialist Party (SP) deputies, where they were given messages for the election campaign.
According to reports, Rama addressed all the candidates with harsh tones, telling them that they are not good enough not to kiss people's hands, not to apologize for what SP could not do, not to have all the courage to say: "Yes, we made a mistake here!"
What seems a change of tactic from infinite promises in previous electoral campaigns the stance of Rama admitting failures to keep the past pledges seems humiliation towards electors speaking of 'kissing' their hands a behavior out and out of his character as a politician and individual.
"We have to go ahead to the people and take advantage of the golden opportunity that democracy gives us to confess to everything what has not gone well. We are aware that it is not enough what we have done, it is not enough what we have fulfilled for them. We are still in great debt to the people, to those who have given us confidence for a second term," Rama said.
In the meantime he turned to the old 'big words' speaking of SP's beautiful vision which, as he said, is very difficult to be realized. "But, oh, this is done, or politics is not needed even by the devil."
Changing tune he then told the crowd of aspiring deputies that if there is a force that can make the change is the PS. "And if there are people who can do it, they are in this team. Once again, strength, courage, run, run, run!"

Rama continued his stepped up attacks against opposition especially SMI while unveiled SP's target is to win 19 parliamentary seats in Tirana in April 25 elections. /argumentum.al