Restrictions Unchanged as Albanian PM Eyes Massive Vaccination after Chinese Vaccines Coming to Tirana from Turkey

There is no change of restrictions by the Technical Committee of Experts after its weekly review of Covid-19 situation in Albania on Wednesday.
The director of the Public Health Institute, Albana Fico said that the two-week incidence has a decrease and the positivity of the sample has decreased. The average number of daily cases has also decreased and the number of hospitalized patients has  dropped. She said that although over 50,000 citizens have been vaccinated, the key indicators have not been reduced drastically enough to ease the restriction measures.
According to the Committee, the traffic ban for citizens from 20:00 in the evening - 6:00 in the morning, with the exception of health emergencies and for work reasons, will continue. Also, the activity of bars, restaurants, clubs is prohibited from 20:00 in the evening - 06:00 in the morning with the exception of the delivery service, while the universities continue online. Meanwhile, flights to the UK continue to be suspended.
In another related event, the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu, have closely followed the process of vaccination of teachers in Kamza, Tirana.
The Minister stated that with the finalization of the agreement for the vaccines that are being purchased from an authorized distributor mass vaccination is expected to start.
Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the main objective in this situation is the launch of mass vaccination for the elderly. It is reported that he left on Wednesday for Turkey where talks will be held with the Turkish company "Keymen Ilaç Sanayive ticaret" for the finalization of the agreement for the supply of Albania with Chinese vaccines. Parliament passed the normative act on the provision of Chinese vaccines Coronavac on Tuesday.
"The beginning of mass vaccination for grandparents is my ambition and the whole purpose of my going to work throughout this period, with the help of God, of our friends and our perseverance, I believe the good news will finally come out of my mouth after a short time," underlined Rama as local media reported quoting reliable sources.
The same sources said that Rama is expected to hold a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan. Rama's visit to Turkey comes a day before the official opening of the election campaign.

Albania will hold parliamentary elections on April 25 this year. /