Right-wing Leader Topalli Excludes Any Deal with Basha, Rama and Meta

The leader of the Movement for Change party, Jozefina Topalli has set the condition to join her mandates in the April 25 elections with the Democratic Party.
Topalli said in a talk show on a local TV on Monday evening that despite the fact that the DP is in coalition with the SMI it is ready to join the mandates with it if it comes to power only in case that the next prime minister is uncorrupted.
According to her, new movements by former DP members have been created only against 3 current leaders, that is Socialist PM Edi Rama, DP Head Lulzim Basha and President Ilir Meta.
"Because of this fluctuation, of no chances and approach of reforming the DP, we have created new movements in face the 3 existing leaders. Every mandate we will obtain will go to the right spectrum on one condition, and I repeat: the only condition is for the next prime minister to be uncorrupted," Topalli said.
The same stance was maintained by the chairman of the Democratic Conviction party, Astrit Patozi, an influential figure in the DP ousted by the current head Basha who has made left out of the ranks of the party many authoritative figures some of them founders of DP. It has never been clear if the veteran leader, Sali Berisha masterminded this purge but one thing is accepted that such a move has weakened the foundations of the DP.