Russian, Chinese Vaccines ‘Cursed’ by DP Which Doesn’t Say Where It’ll Get Jabs after Eventual Election Victory

"Rama organizes 'circus shows' of uncertified vaccines to hide the fact that Albania ranks at the bottom of the world for the level of vaccination and the consequences of Covid," said Tritan Shehu, a senior official in the opposition Democratic Party and former health minister on Sunday.
The outgoing prime minister seeks to hide what Shehu called a "tragic situation" in the country with theatricality, using those Russian and Chinese vaccines, one from the Emirates and the other from Turkey, vaccines not certified by European, American or British agencies.
Shehu claimed that no scientific or professional data is made public about their effectiveness, level of complications, stages and quality of their experimentation.
Actually, Russian and Chinese vaccines are becoming very popular in face of shortages of supply of western companies even in EU member countries like Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany are holding talks to establish a factory for producing Russian vaccines in the country. Dozens of countries, including Turkey, are administering Chinese and Russian vaccines not to mention Serbia which has won a high reputation internationally for its mass vaccination of the population thanks to its diversification of supply sources of vaccines.
According to Shehu, when the safety of the Albanians is at stake, the health of the population, their life, the government's silence is complete.

"However, the general public will react already on April 25 as it deserves the same standards, quality and safety levels for vaccines as citizens of other EU countries," said the former DP health minister leaving the reader in blackout what his party will do after its eventual election victory on April 25 when Albanians will go to polls to elect the new 140-member parliament. If the vaccine issue becomes a victory card of the ruling SP and its PM this remains to be seen as the interest of the people for vaccines is rising in face of the aggravation of the pandemic with numerous infections and fatalities and grave repercussions in the country’s economy. /