Russian Sputnik Vaccines Enter Albania after Staunch Rejection of Them by Official Tirana

A supply of 10,000 doses of Sputnik vaccine, gift from the United Arab Emirates, arrived in Tirana which was received by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu and the Minister of State for Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj, who said that other doses of vaccines are expected from the ongoing negotiations on Monday.
"10,000 doses of the Sputnik vaccine, a donation from the United Arab Emirates, have already arrived and we will extend the vaccination even further. We will continue to provide even more vaccines, so that as soon as possible we can start mass vaccination of the population and to prepare to be more facilitated for tourism as well," declared Manastirliu.
She underlined that the Immunization Committee has given the guarantee for the use of vaccines.
"The Immunization Committee and all the structures that deal with the certification, safety and effectiveness of vaccines have already given the guarantee for vaccines, which provide safety and effectiveness," said Manastirliu.
Albanian authorities, including PM Edi Rama, have been staunch opponents of Russian and Chinese vaccines being super confident in Western support. But as they found the country isolated plunging rapidly into health disaster they surrendered turning their eyes to the Russian and Chinese vaccines. Many medical experts have raised their voice for the alternative of the use of the above mentioned vaccines but official Tirana's politics found it hard to 'betray' the Western allies.
Some experts hold government responsible for the delay saying if those vaccines were received earlier many lives could have been saved.

In the meantime the vaccination of teachers with AstraZeneca vaccines  restarted in Vlora, southern Albania, on Monday. /