Saipem, Alboran Hydrogen Plan Hydrogen Facility in Albania

Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the joint development and the construction of five plants for the production of green hydrogen through the electrolysis process.
Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen propose the development of a green hydrogen hub in Puglia (Italy) through the construction of three plants in the territories of Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia and with the participation of the National Energy Technology District, La Sapienza University, the Salento University and the Brindisi Research Center (Cittadella della Ricerca di Brindisi).
Three facilities are planned in Italy and the remaining two in Albania and Morocco.
Saipem said the two companies had identified land for similar projects in Albania and Morocco. “We are now  preparing the permitting in accordance with local legislation,” the spokesperson explained.
The facilities in Albania and Morocco will produce ammonia from green hydrogen, Saipem said on its website.
According to the MoU, Saipem will be engaged with the engineering, procurement and construction of the plants, as part of the development and eventual implementation activities.
In other events it is expected the signing of an accord between Albania and Italy on the recognition of driving licences by the latter for Albanian citizens next week.

FM Olta Xhacka was on an official visit to Rome on Friday concluding the details of the agreement. /