Socialist Administration Steps Up Pressure Against Administration Employees Threatening to Fire Them

The psychological pressure on the employees of the administration has reached such a paradox that they are afraid to appear in photos with other political figures besides those of the ruling SP because they can be fired.
Such a bitter reality was denounced by the Head of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi at a meeting with citizens of Ali Demi neighborhood on Friday.
On that occasion she met local people at small businesses talking with them on their concerns but one of them, as they said, was the psychological pressure by the Socialist administration
"People are ready to approach us, to speak with us on their problems, but, they say 'just do not take pictures of us because now they come and fine us because of just one picture," said Kryemadhi.
According to Prime Minister Edi Rama, the strategy of this government is: "Steal, impoverish and subjugate", she noted  adding that there is psychological pressure on the administration.
"Therefore, for the SMI, April 25 is a very strong mission to stand up for these people, to remove their fear and to encourage them to go to the ballot boxes ... Those who feel it mostly are many who work at the public administration, because they are the ones who face the pressure. It is one aspect showing the violence exercised by those government officials," said Kryemadhi adding that she had received some messages about how psychological pressure is exerted on them.

Kryemadhi revealed that files of employees are being checked to exert pressure under the political guise. "So, this is very obvious," said SMI head. /