SP Leadership Turns Parliamentary Deliberations into Curses of President, Opposition Top Officials

"These elections are heading towards a referendum on who is in favor of justice reform and who is against justice reform," said Taulant Balla, head of the Socialist Party (SP) parliamentary group.
Speaking in Monday's plenary session of Parliament Balla accused Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta, Monika Kryemadhi and Lulzim Basha of collaborating against the Justice Reform and the establishment of new justice institutions in Albania.
"No Albanian citizen has doubts that the conspiracies of Ilir and Sali against the Justice Reform are signals, which we encountered in 2016. It was negotiated until the last moment here in this hall on July 21-22 that year. We were ready to break the coalition with the SMI just to advance the Justice Reform. From that day on, that coalition was broken," he revealed.
Further on Balla said DP's Basha vowed in the spring and summer of 2017 that he would turn the SMI to scrap, today he included that scrap within himself. "Today we are facing an opposition, and I am talking about the one outside the Parliament, which comes before the Albanian citizens with a scandalous offer whether in terms of its team, program or leadership."
Calling on Albanians for their vote the SP number two said they could not let in the middle of the road the vaccination process.
As a matter of fact this majority has nothing to boast of vaccination as only 15,000 people have been vaccinated since January 1, and the perspective seems hopeless because the alleged promised supplies are not coming. The vaccination has stopped with no date when it will restart as the pandemic is causing frightening human losses with more than 40 people passing away last weekend. Surrendering in efforts to get western vaccines PM Edi Rama made public his readiness to get Chinese or Russian vaccines but he said they are not on the market.
Further on Balla said majority aims at concluding the country's recovery after the pandemic and the earthquake. "No family affected by the November 26 earthquake will be left without a better new home than they had," he said, setting no deadline when it will happen.
As usual he refered to consultations with the US and EU partners on the Justice Reform package which seems like their passport of trust.
In conclusion Balla said Albania has completed all homework regarding the EU integration process.

"I believe that Albania will have held the First Intergovernmental Conference by the end of the deliberations of this Parliament on September 9," the SP number two said. /argumentum.al