Tribute to the Silent Hero Arjan Sala Fallen While Saving Lives

By Ilir Meta*
Great pain, much gratitude and deep respect for this extraordinary man, who in very difficult conditions, with the high sense of fulfillment of duty, saved the lives of many citizens being aware that he was losing his life.
With sublime sacrifice, Arjan Sala entered our hearts to be immortalized as a symbol of self-sacrifice, love for people, an example of kindness and the highest human values.
I wish that through His sacrifice a more humane, more compassionate, more social and more responsive state be built, which does not abandon people in need in the most difficult moments, but thinks of them and humbly respects the silent and simple Heroes and their sacrifices in the service of the community every day.
The most heartfelt condolences to the family!
We pray that the soul of our Hero Arjan Sala rests in the deserved peace!

*Ilir Meta is President of the Republic of Albania