Two-year Prison Sentence Sought for Former Albanian Top Prosecutor by SPAK

Albanian prosecutors have sought a 2-year prison sentence for the country's former chief prosecutor, who's on trial over allegedly illegally owned property.
Members of the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, or SPAK, also recommended on Friday that Adriatik Llalla should be barred from holding any public post for five years.
According to SPAK, illegal assets were seized from him as a residential apartment, with an area of ​​67.2 m, located in Durrës, bought in 2012; an agricultural land area of ​​4,500 m², purchased in 2016; another area, of arable land type, of 12,300 m², located in Tirana, purchased in 2017; another land area of ​​3 thousand square meters purchased in 2017, as well as 2250 square meters, of the same type of arable land, located in Tirana, purchased in the same year.
Llalla resigned at the end of his term in December 2017. A few months later, the US State Department announced that it had barred him and his family from entering the United States, explaining that then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson approved the banning measure due to the involvement of the former Albanian official in major corruption cases.
Accotding to VOA, as of 2017, there are approximately 170 officials and former officials who have been denied or revoked visas to travel to the United States of America due to suspicions of their involvement in acts of corruption./