US Committed to 'Longstanding Partnership' with Serbia Eyeing Recognition of Kosovo by Belgrade

The US has pledged its commitment to 'longstanding partnership' with a stable, prosperous, and democratic Serbia but asks it to recognize Kosovo.
“The United States is committed to our longstanding partnership. We share the vision of a stable, prosperous, and democratic Serbia on the pat to EU membership. The United States’ longstanding goal has been to see Serbia and Kosovo reach a comprehensive agreement centered on mutual recognition,”
said the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken in a letter to Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic.
The letter was carried by Belgrade-based daily Novosti on Tuesday.
Secretary Blinken in a handwritten note at the end of the letter reminded Vucic “good conversations” they had adding that he looks forward to renewing them, according to Novosti. Serbian president Vucic confirmed Tuesday that he received a letter from Blinken, saying that “without considering the history on mutual recognition with Kosovo,” the message “was meaningful and good,” in all other aspects, and thanked Blinken for his letter.

In February the US President Joe Biden, reminded to Serbian president the US goal on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue on mutual recognition. /