145,000 EU-funded Doses of Vaccines Shared with Austria’s Facilitation Donated to Albania

Following the announcement of the agreements by the European Commission and Austria for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to the Western Balkans, of which Albania benefits 145,000 doses of BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines from early May to August, the EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca and Austrian Ambassador Christian Steiner have expressed their pleasure about this solidarity act towards Albania in separate statements which were released by the press office of the EU Delegation to Tirana on Tuesday.
"Team Europe solidarity in action: 145,000 EU-funded doses of vaccines funded by the EU and shared with the facilitation of Austria will be donated to Albania from early May to August,” said EU Ambassador Soreca.
The EU’s sharing vaccines mechanism, announced at the beginning of the year, benefits the Western Balkans, including Albania, with 70 million giving priority to health care workers and vulnerable categories.
“Proud that the EU stands by the Albanian people with medical equipment, social protection, macro-financial assistance and now with vaccines with an overall commitment of more than €230 million,” said EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca.
In his statement the Austrian Ambassador to Albania, Christian Steiner said he was very pleased that Austria and the European Commission have facilitated the transfer ofBioNTech/Pfizer vaccines to Albania and the other Western Balkan countries.

“It is an expression of European solidarity and shows that the EU cares about our partners in this region, whose future clearly lies in the EU,” said Ambassador Steiner. /argumentum.al