21 Urgent Reform Measures That Albanian Citizens Need!

By Artan Fuga  
21 urgent reform measures that we citizens need!
1. Ensuring free movement in European Union countries without deadlines as a prison permit, which puts an end to the emigration of Albanians.
2. Immediate restitution and compensation of property and legalization of all vital constructions.
3. Opening the market on the stock exchange and any privatization of public goods to create the possibility that 50 percent of assets are purchased with small shares by citizens.
4. All elected to be nominated by voters for both deputies and municipal councilors.
5. Establishment of a civil jury and participation of citizens in the trial panels.
6. Vetting of all assets of politicians and officials.
7. Privatization of all water distribution and electricity network services, creating competition for this market!
8. Separation of the media from any financing other than advertising on television and separation of production from the broadcasting of television programs, etc.
9. No prime minister for more than a four-year term.
10. Complete separation of public administration from mayors and ministers.
11. President directly elected by the people and with the power to dissolve the Assembly whenever there is a crisis or under certain conditions.
12. Lifting the immunity of elected officials and setting deadlines for trial and measuring the performance of judges with clear criteria.
13. Setting quotas for Albanian culture on television.
14. No family member of a deputy or senior civil servant in public administration if he / she has not been there before.
15. Registration of anyone with the right to vote in one or several administrative units if they pay taxes there. Free choice case by case where he wants to exercise his right to vote.
16. Opening and recounting of ballot boxes wherever a candidate requests it.
17. Listing of all national assets with shares and long-term lease.
18. Establishment of sovereign insurance by the state of the immigration bank. Any placement of money by immigrants provided by constitutional law.
19. Depoliticization and opening of actions for all cultural, scientific, university educational institutions.
20. The right of the citizens of each municipal unit to overturn any decision considered unjust by local referendum.

21. No public servant of the central administration can be a member of the local municipal council.  /argumentum.al