Albania Agrees to Withdraw All Its troops from Afghanistan

"Albania fully supports the decision proposed by the American friends and is ready to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan, in accordance with the timeline set by NATO. In this world full of threats, we can not face alone and I believe that from this moment, the Alliance will emerge stronger and more united, with more goals, energy and ideas to guarantee our collective security," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka in a working meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of NATO countries on Wednesday.

Minister Xhaçka praised the decision of the current US administration not to withdraw unilaterally from Afghanistan, but to do so in full consultation with NATO countries.
Albania has systematically deployed units of commandos on a 6- month mandate of service in different missions and there were Albanian militaries who lost their lives in the war in Afghanistan where thousands of NATO fighters were killed and wounded.

Chief diplomat Xhaçka and Minister Peleshi praised that this political process of peace negotiations in Afghanistan produces a negotiated solution, which will bring lasting peace and full respect for human rights for the people of Afghanistan.