Albania Shaken by Two Mild Tremors on Monday Morning

Albania has been shaken by earthquakes which hit in the early hours of Monday morning. It is reported that the epicenter of the two consecutive tremors was Thumana in the area of Durres, the site of the deadly earthquake of November 26, 2019 when about 51 people lost their lives, injured 1,000 others and left homeless thousands of families some of which are still living in tents.
According to local sources, Monday's 3.3 magnitude tremor which was the second one, was felt in Tirana and even in other areas in central and southern parts of Albania like Elbasan and Gjirokastra at 6.40 o’clock on Monday morning.
There are no reports for damages nor information that people went out of their houses. But witnesses who live on tall buildings in Tirana said the shake was stressful but did not last long.

Albania is a prone earthquake area in the Balkans, and the last years have been characterized by many tremors. An earthquake map of Albania framed in the 80s by Albania’s best seismologic scientists predicted that the magnitude of earthquakes in Tirana could be up to 8 degrees on Richter scale, and because of that constructors were allowed to erect buildings up to 10 floors.  /