Albanians Rush to Polling Stations Being Warned of 'Vigilance' against Covid Pandemic

As Albanians started to cast their ballots to elect the new 140- member parliament on Sunday, medical specialists were attentive to warn everyone to respect the protective measures against Covid 19.
"The pandemic is coming to an end, but I advise citizens to be more careful than any other day on Sunday. They should wear a mask and keep their distance, stand 2 meters apart and disinfect their hands at the exit from the polling station. It is important that they do not remove the mask at any time during the voting," said the well-known infectious disease doctor. He believes Albanians have gone through the worst of the pandemic. In an interview for Report Tv, he says that the level of immunization is over 65 percent in Tirana.
"If vaccination continues at this rate, I strongly believe that the first half of June will find us with the realized collective immunity," said Pipero.
However the doctor repeated the appeal for extra care to be taken during the voting process in the general election which started at 7 o'clock on Sunday morning with the main senior officials like President Ilir Meta, Speaker Gramoz Ruci, DP Head Lulzim Basha casting their ballots in Tirana. All focus their messages on calm and order to make possible a normal and peaceful election process. The polling stations will stay open until 7 pm and counting of votes is expected to start by midnight. /