Alternative of SMI Is Victory of Young Men and Women in Albania, Said Kryemadhi


"Albania is in danger today and Albanians have a mission in these elections: How to make the country feel the home of Albanians again."
This was stressed by the chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi, speaking at the closing meeting of her party in Tirana on Thursday.
Kryemadhi said that Albanians must choose to live in Albania or become asylum seekers in Europe and have a European government for integration or a totalitarian government that leads them to the totalitarian models of the East.
The SMI list of candidates for the new Parliament is the victory of the young men and women, it is the victory of all Albanians. She noted that Albanians will vote for change by voting number 6, by voting for SMI.
Kryemadhi pointed out that SMI will give Albanians the opportunity taken by PM Edi Rama from them. "We will give Albanians the opportunity to live in Albania as European citizens," said the SMI chairwoman. /