Ambassador Kim Denies Preferences for Any Candidate in Albania Elections

The US does not have any preferred candidate for winning in the April 25 general elections set to be held in Albania. Rather it is interest in institutions and processes during the poll.
This was reconfirmed by the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim during a talk on a local TV on Tuesday evening which was carried by the US Embassy on Twitter on Wednesday.
“Do we have a preferred candidate for winning? No, we don’t. That’s not the position of the United States. What we care about is institutions and processes,” said Kim who added that was the reason why she did not talk about this candidate or that candidate, this party or that party.
“What I talk about is the importance and critical importance of making sure that the rules and the process are fair, they’re transparent, that the playing field is even, and that the rules are implemented in a way that is timely as well, so everybody has a fair shot,” said Ambassador Kim. “That's what we are interested in."

The electoral campaign is at full steam in Albania where the running political forces are involved in harsh debates.  /