Ask them, not write songs for them!

Argumentum’s editorial

It started as a joke and coincidence, but it is really turning into a pathological allergy. It is about the folk songs about Prime Minister Edi Rama that are "sprouting like mushrooms after the rain", portraying him as the miraculous leader and savior! We saw the latest cases last week in Kuç and Gjirokastra. All expectations were exceeded in Gjirokastra where the famous soloist, Julia Cenko received him with the song "Welcome Edi Rama!" A bad copy to remember the Youth Group of Gjirokastra, when they performed "Welcome son Enver!”  43 years ago.   Although the Prime Minister, Rama acted well to avoid the continuation of the song, unfortunately this phenomenon is turning into a very bad habit.

To write songs for the leader as he is alive and be sung in his physical presence is a special case or "sui generis" that does not exist, and is even considered offensive to anyone in Western countries. If this is to continue, do not be surprised when as before we will listen to songs about our leaders more often at festivals, celebrations, competitions and contests or monuments erected to them! Because, as the Albanian saying goes, "the fig sees the fig and ripens".

It is known that the interpretation of such songs was a common ritual during the dictatorship, but it was installed as a pedestal in the form of "politicized art" in Albania. At least then there was an ideological explanation, although in any case it was absurd: the party, with the leader at the helm, their deeds, were God themselves, the source of all good, the sun and the moon! The construction of a factory, the opening of a road, the inauguration of a hotel, a hospital and a school, the longevity, everything was dedicated to the far-sighted leader as his glorious works! While the evils were attributed to hostile groups, the opposition, the media, some degenerated people, and especially to the internal and external enemies as it is being attempted now!

Thus, the people "proudly" sang songs and danced for the Party and the leader as the benefactors of the people!

However, if this excuse could be "swallowed" at that time, to sing songs for political leaders, today in democracy, when there are many parties, rotations and political alternatives, when the Prime Minister himself governs as chief head, it sounds much more absurd and more shameful than before. Consequently, if the forced position of our artists could be understood before the 90s, we cannot forgive this today as they desecrate their name and our folklore.

To be convinced of what we said, go and look everywhere in Europe and the US! You will not find any songs or poems about Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, even though they have written history! Nor in Germany for Adenauer, Brandt, Kohl who ushered in the era of German and European founding and reunification. It’s impossible to find a song or poem about Merkel who has been Chancellor for 15 years! There is none! As in France where you do not find any for the mythical General De Gol, emblematic President Mitterrand, nor in Italy, nowhere! Moreover, despite the genius and political miracles, they have been criticized and whipped quite a bit in their time! Only after death, they have been honored by naming streets, airports, cultural centers after them, etc.

It happens in this way because prime ministers are charged with governing their own cabinets in a democracy, but as chief servants and not as principal deities; they get the vote of a majority of the electorate to govern as best they can, trying to serve everyone. When they justify trust with work they are reelected once or more times. But criticism, remarks, and rebukes are not spared until they are "out". And, as Arnold Wrasow puts it, "leaders get a little more guilt and a lot less merits".

If songs, poems, and memorials were erected to leaders, especially as they are alive, as is the case in authoritarian regimes, they would be sanctified and the "cult of the individual" erected. Thus, they would become uncriticized, untouchable, and irreplaceable "outplaying" artificially other political alternatives. More specifically, if the tendency to write songs for our leaders continues, then one can naturally ask the question: “Well, then, when we have such a leader who solves everything as if by the touch of the magic wand” then why are elections needed every 4 years, the rotation, the other parties and the democratic pluralism itself?

Another fundamental reason that does not allow songs of this nature is the great concern that anything which might happen tomorrow when leaders are toppled down or even any of them is put "behind bars" by justice. Or when scandals and various shocking affairs of them are discovered as has happened and is happening in France with former President Sarkozy, in Greece, Croatia and elsewhere.

Therefore, as it is not too late, it must be said ‘STOP!’ as soon as possible to this ugly phenomenon. But how? It is quite simple. First, putting an end to the servile and sublime epithets on our leaders, in power and in opposition, to the point of being compared to Skanderbeg and God himself! Second, the leaders themselves should be more modest and give up self-praise and self-glorification, as if they have fallen from the sky; third, they should immediately order their collaborators everywhere not to allow such ridiculous "circuses" with the beautiful folklore of the people anymore.

After all, it is the electorate that "gives the merit to everyone", rather than by writing songs for them but by mainly criticizing, reprimanding and asking leaders to do more and more for the people.  Because, as a matter of fact, what they do in their senior post is not their exclusive bravery and heroism, but simply the task for which they are entrusted and paid for a limited period of time. Enough with such funny folk "comedies", if we really want to go to Europe!


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